NOW is YOUR Chance To Learn A FUN, EASY and FAST Way To Start Buying Stocks for Profit!
Hold That Stock is an education and technology company that specializes in teaching beginners how the stock market works and how to buy stocks using a unique teaching method.
How The Stock Market Works
Our Fun and Easy Online Video will teach you Step-By-Step How The Stock Market Works
How To Find & Analyze Stocks

You will learn how to find stocks to buy and hold
What Apps to use on your Smartphone
You will learn exactly which apps to use on your smartphone to buy stocks
Access to our Private Board
Get access to our Private Online board that contains articles and information on stocks our team is looking to buy
Dinner Conversations
On designated Mondays, Members from across the country tune into Dinner Conversations at 8:30pmEST, 7:30CST, 5:30pm PST to share stock tips and ideas with each other. The Powerful collaboration is FUN, EXCITING and Informative!
Isn't it too risky to buy and hold stocks in today's VOLATILE market?
Volatility (meaning stocks go up and down in price quickly and by large amounts) is the very thing that you can use to make money in the stock market when you know what you are doing.  We will teach you a SIMPLE techniques to maximize your profits and minimize your loses.

How long will it take for me to learn the Hold That Stock System?
Each person is different. How long it will take you depends totally on your level of dedication to learning and practicing. It is NOT complicated.

How much money do I need to get started?
Stocks come in all different prices, the goal is to be able to buy enough shares of stock so that when they move in price you can take advantage of that movement and profit. You can start with any amount $50 or whatever you have. We will teach you how to find stocks in your price range.

Can't I lose money Holding Stocks?
All investments carry a certain amount of risk of loss. Anyone who tells you that you can't lose money investing in stocks is not being truthful.. We specialize in teaching people how to maximize profits and setup a specific amount they are willing to risk before they buy a stock to hold.

Do you guarantee that overall,  I will make money?
No one can guarantee that you will be profitable overall, just like if you opened a business, no one can guarantee your business will be profitable. That's why we educate you, teach you to formulate a game plan and teach you the tools you need to position yourself for success. Just like in anything else, when you are properly educated, have the correct tools and resources and are mentored and coached, your chances for success are drastically increased.

When I make a profit, how do I get my money?
Your profits are deposited instantly into your special account.

How can I get access to my money?

You can transfer if from your special stock account to your regular bank account.

Will anyone at Hold That Stock have access to my account?
No. You will open and setup your account. We will have no access to it, nor do we want access to your account.

Can I just give Hold That Stock money to invest for me?
NO, we are an education and technology company, we DO NOT accept any money to invest in stocks on your behalf, we teach you the skill of investing for yourself, we want you to self sufficient.

Is Hold That Stock a Broker?
No, we are ONLY an education and technology company that specializes in teaching people how the stock market works and how to make money investing in stocks using the latest technology.

Do you give Investment, Legal, Accounting, Tax or Financial Planning Advice?
No. Hold That Stock does not give Investment, Legal, Financial, Tax or Financial planning advice, we are ONLY an education and technology company that specializes in teaching people how the stock market works and how to make money investing in stocks using the latest technology.

Can I sign Up NOW to become a Hold That Stock Member and save up money to put in my stock account as I learn?

Yes, we have members who do just that. The education is the most important thing when you start. You can save up money to put in your account as you learn.

Do you offer a trial period or money back guarantee or refunds for the membership?

Do You Offer Payment Plans?

Do you offer individual One-On-One Coaching Sessions as needed?
You will have access to our online board to ask questions and get assistance.

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